Use cheddar or mozzarella cheese, according to favorite

Prep baking on a Sunday morning in order to enjoy a quick breakfast thru the week with Keto Bagels and a cup of bulletproof coffee. Check out more recipes here KETO Recipes


Eggs to fit your baking pan

PAM spray

Almond flour

Cheese of choice

Cherry tomatoes

Salami, Ham, Bacon20180422_080334


Spray baking muffin tin with Pam, dust the bottom of baking tin with almond flour, 1/8 tsp per slot. Line each slot with meat of choice (I used pepperoni) Then place a half a cherry tomato in each slot with a chunk of cheese. (I used bits of two Babybels for all) Crack an egg into each slot, dust with salt and pepper.  Place in OVEN at 270 C for 15 minutes.  One minute before time is up I added some previously fried bacon on top.20180422_083050

Store in fridge and enjoy a baked egg all cheesed and meated up for breakfast or for your one meal a day with a bagel. Intermittent fasting works KETO How It Works


Nuke for 30 seconds in microwave add a bit of Chapala sauce!


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