Sweet Cabbage Rolls

4876540This is a German recipe for sweet KETO friendly cabbage rolls, minus the rice. On the day that I prepare a pan of Crack Slaw …using this recipe KETO Crackalickin Good  Before chopping cabbage for crack slaw, I pull off 4 large leaves from the cabbage and set in pot to boil. Boil cabbage leaves 3 minutes on a high roll to soften leaves for rolling.



DIRECTIONS for German CABBAGE ROLLS made out of leftovers


  1. Put Sesame oil in pan and cook onions until they sweat, add crack slaw beef already cooked for crack slaw, KETO Crackalickin Good .  Thai paste was found after I made first batch. Substitute with anything Asian sauce. 
  2. Take the “4” boiled cabbage leaves out of the water (hot) let them cool. Lay flat and roll them up using the crack slaw meat. Return rolled cabbage into same skillet and  sprinkled a few dry onion flakes.  Simmer in Sesame Oil for 15 minutes and serve with KETO Crispy Salads

    Make then eat some crack slaw, save some for later, then add  tomato sauce and a bit of all seasonings to the balance in same pan.  Roll up in cabbage leaves, cook in tomato sauce for a few minutes, drizzle some onion flakes over the top, shredded cheese too if you like. Place in container for tomorrow and let the flavors get all incorporated.  Heat in pan.

    Per 2 cabbage rolls :  215 calories; 13.1 g fat; 2.3 g carbs 12.8 g protein

    NOTE: Updated recipe – to maintain Asian flavor, omitted tomato sauce which reduces the calorie and carb count, added 1 tbl Potsticker Gyoza sauce, and sesame seed oil. Click picture to enlarge them.  Made 4 cabbage rolls stuffed with crack slaw, placed in tupperware, just one for lunch fried in sesame oil, a bit of Gyoza, sprinkled with seeds and green onion with a side of KETO Broccoli Salad

Above YouTube chef makes Polish rolls 😃

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