Noodle Muffins

Easily accompany this baked KETOIZED noodle YUM with a green salad or one of these Fresh Salads ! HOW does this come together? Glad you asked. Boil a package of MUNG BEAN noodles for 3 minutes. REMOVE and let them cool, they will get sticky. Bathe the noodles in warm RAGU pasta sauce that was thickened with parmesan cheese OR bathe them in garlic, chive, oregano Super Butter. Then shove the sticky MUNG bean noodles into a PAM sprayed muffin pan. Top with your favorite cooked sausage, sprinkle a bit of whatever cheese delights you, adorn with a dried chives. POP in the oven for about 7-10 minutes on low heat. Serve with a salad, fresh brewed iced tea, and a slice of Dr Bea Bread toasted with garlic flavored butter! LINK for Dr Be Bread gives recipe for Super Butter, three flavors.

TWO muffin sized noodle YUMS are about 3 carbs total. NOW go ahead and enjoy without GUILT then try a different twist Mung Chicken

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