Brain Sweep

We can go three weeks without food, three days without water, three minutes without oxygen—but we can’t even go for three seconds without thinking. What about my thoughts of anxiety, depression or envy? Dr Leaf confirms that those thoughts are NOT signs of a defective brain, however, we can change our experience by doing a brain detox. Dr Leaf grew up in South Africa and God gave her a passion for understanding how the brain works in order to assist thousands who were devastated by a horrible genocide. Our tragic experiences do NOT need to be validated by a medical label of clinical, irreversible depression. Our Mental capacity to change our thinking, brain and health is clinically proven. Our past awful experience is NOT our identity, or a life sentence. Tragedy needs to be addressed with strategy.

To proactively create new brain structures enables us to change patterns of worry or anxiety into helpful signals to THINK differently about a situation, to FEEL empowered to issue executive orders that direct our feelings, and CHOOSE to be in control of what our brains file for future reference. Taking the time to examine our hearts and minds is to employ wisdom. Our brain has an immense filing cabinet of old news, which can be replaced with the GOOD NEWS. God says “Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.” Proverbs 29:11 Dr Christine Leaf, a brain surgeon teaches the “Multiple Perspective Advantage” or MPA which allows a person to observe self without judgement. MPA is part of a TOOL KIT one can access for free. God created you with the capacity to THINK, FEEL, and CHOOSE goodness all the days of your life. The “Neurocyle” APP has several BRAIN HACKS to immediately CHANGE your mood, as your biological body responds with positive health changes.

Words are important. The thoughts we store as painful memories may cause us to respond defensively even when we are not under attack, or threatened. Repressed thoughts cause us to react with fear and anxiety. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a powerful spirit to overcome. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 By pausing, taking the time to THINK before we speak is wisdom from God. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” We CHOOSE to justify our words and behaviors which may eventually become what God uses to condemn us. “As you think, so shall it be” The reality is, that we will all be judged for every word we speak. By faith, and through His power in us, we can discipline and redirect our thoughts and automatically speak blessings, not curses upon people. Our Father tells us to capture every thought. “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5 This Scripture strongly commands us to take our thoughts by force and make them obey God’s Word. AMEN ❤️ Dr Leaf is a Christian brain surgeon. Her FREE APP was clinically engineered to enable people to uproot thoughts that do not reflect who we are in Christ. In 63 days, a process to deconstruct toxic thoughts and reconstruct LIFE changing patterns of thought renews our mind. “Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.” Col 3:10

“Have you ever felt anger, jealousy, envy, discouraged, unfocused, tightness in the chest or neck, or just overwhelmed? Admitting it and facing it, we heal our thinking about ourselves and CONFIDENCE grows. Thoughts are measurable and occupy mental “real estate.” Do we exhibit a pattern of always looking for what is wrong with this scene? Or do we focus on finding the silver lining in the how it could be better? Our thoughts influence every decision, word, action and physical reaction we make. Ask yourself “How do I show up in this world? What do I have to contribute that nobody can? CHOOSE to EXAMINE heart and mind, proceed without JUDGEMENT. Take deep breaths: FACE IT and FIX brain chemistry in regards to: Anger, Worry, Depression, Anxiety, Jealousy, Envy, Competition. The FIX is in the AUTOPSY of our THINKING, FEELING and CHOOSING. BE healthy and CHOOSE —-not to be in competition with others. AFFIRM yourself – “Hey I can do something to ADD to what they are doing, that nobody else can do. I have a contribution to make that ADDS to what is missing. I choose to ENHANCE and BUILD others up with sincere compliments!” CONGRATULATIONS you just HEALED the toxic tree of ENVY. THINK, FEEL, and CHOOSE to think “What is my depression telling me? What is good about this warning?”

Read her books at your pace. Dr Leaf talks fast, the book slows down her valuable input with tools.

We have the FREEDOM to rebel against our old nature, and it’s toxic ways of thinking and reacting in life. We CAN create new positive chemical pathways to stream into our brains that will CHANGE our lives and improve our relationships. Our deeply ingrained patterns of thoughts and behaviors affect not only our moods, but our health. Current brain science lines up with Scripture, and as we choose to get out of denial, we are willing to do the work necessary to break the chains of toxic, habitual thinking and reacting. Letting go of the way we have always thought and behaved allows the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work more deeply and effectively in us. Our mind CAN truly be renewed, as toxic thoughts and emotions are swept away. We can literally choose to “switch on” our mind of Christ as we invite the Holy Spirit to assist us in a spring cleaning, with a revolutionary MIND SWEEP of all our old natures way of thinking and reacting to life. We get to trash all those broken records, and get new ones!


TOXIC thinking and Emotions: • Anger, Jealous, Envy, Unforgiveness, bitterness, easily irritated, extended moods of feeling justified in our bad mood, resentments • Toxic anger, false accusations, blaming childhood, avoiding friends. • Toxic Choices to stretch the truth or avoid confrontations • Toxic violent Dreams • Toxic Faith is to wait on God and do nothing to change • Toxic Love is to put others before ourselves • Toxic Seriousness, life without laughing at ourselves • Toxic Health is to be in constant worry of COVID or developing symptoms • Toxic Schedules, not being able to say no. —- Each of these toxic thinking patterns transmit a poisonous amount of stress into your body. Stress is an extreme strain inside every system that regulates life. Our natural toxic inclination is to think and react in our ways. GOD gave us the FREEDOM to choose and we CAN switch on our brains, renew our minds, and heal. Ask and you shall receive. WE LEARN BY REPETITION, the Bible repeats itself for a reason. Love Mysteries?

ANXIETY is simply a HABIT of WORRY. Break it by saying 54321 “Jesus loves me, and I am ok”. Listen to MEL who took Zoloft for 20 years to control anxiety. Mel NOW simply uses the NASA trick your brain technique. 54321 “I’m excited….to learn new stuff as I surrender the contents of my brain to the Holy Spirit and allow myself to be transformed by the renewing of my mind!

The 5 daily Steps of Neurocyle were designed to TRAIN our BRAIN. 1) GATHER thoughts around a toxic thought or emotion 2) THINK about it, face it, and say I can change this. 3) FEEL how your body is responding with tension as you withhold a due compliment 4) CHOOSE to be thankful for what your headache, tummy upset, envy, sleeplessness is drawing you to look at. CHOOSE to exchange jealousy into an opportunity to speak a word of encouragement to someone for their gift. FORTIFY yourself and say to self “I also have a unique gift to contribute. I know how to do something that nobody else can. My gift from God and way of thinking is one of a kind. Build a new tree of possibility in your brain. As we respond differently than we always have, we clear out toxic trees and plant new ones in our brain.

Our thoughts direct our brain to respond with a neuroplasticity, a physical, visible brain change for the benefit of all who we come into contact with. Our mental and physical health biologically improves as we think of things in a positive new light. “Having a messy mind is something we all experience. It isn’t something to be ashamed of. As a brain surgeon, researcher, this is my profession. I still have to clean up my mind daily—neurocycling is a lifestyle! The events of life aren’t going anywhere; people make a lot of decisions every day that affect us all, suffering is inevitable. I believe that although circumstances can’t be controlled, we can control our reactions in every situation.” Dr Caroline Leaf ❤️


Without ever touching the PLAYBACK button, your brain will feed your mind cloudy, muddy thoughts based on OBSOLETE information collected. Neuro Cycle Research has been going on for over 30 years. NEWS FLASH: The mind is NOT the brain. The mind uses the information stored in the brain. Collected thoughts stored in filing cabinets in the brain are the end product of our mind. The mind speaks through the mouth, that which has been stored in the heart. The heart is impacted by every thought we hear, speak and store. Dr Caroline Leaf developed a FREE APP to enable people struggling with memory loss, hearing loss, heart issues, digestive issues, depression, anxiety – to make POSITIVE CHANGES without drugs or years of counseling. “But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.” Matthew 15:18

The APP and her book “Who Switched Off my Brain?” guides the participant through a day to day process that has been scientifically engineered to DETOX the brain of any toxic events, memories which will manifest themselves as various negative biological symptoms. Neurocycling is a lifestyle, it does not end in 63 days! As a participant to the “NEUROCYCLE” APP or BOOK to DETOX your BRAIN, over time you will release any unconscious thought that damages you physically or mentally. Journal the day you start with your current symptoms. Brain fog, memory loss, hearing loss, hypertension, kidney, liver, digestive issues, depression, anger, anxiety. Starting Aug 31 – Cycle Complete by Nov 1st! What a Thanksgiving GIFT!

Sweeping up negative emotions that fell from the branches for the burn pile

The participant simply taps on the APP and takes a 20 minute session for 21 days which is repeated three times to affect positive changes. We retrain our brain consciously to pay attention to our subconscious thoughts which are all stored in brain grooves. Think of a 33 record full of tiny grooves, Through the process we learn how the brain works. The GOOD NEWS is that we CAN alter our physical health and negative behaviors, by changing our thoughts consciously. The NEUROCYCLE causes us to go deeper. We look at our behaviors, to get insight into our thoughts, which reveal insights into the emotions of the thought, which leads us to our current perspective. It is BRAIN SURGERY without the knife or blood.

Whatever we think about, scientifically, in our brains, is seen as a thought tree and it GROWS. The BRANCHES = our thoughts which mingle with stored memories and show up as our behaviors.

LEAVES = emotional thought, triggers memories that blow through our minds. Our Emotions intertwine with behaviors. TRUNK = our current perspective which shows up in our attitudes, behaviors and emotions. (stoic, bending, strong, subject to wind, rain, and scorching truths)

ROOTS = The roots represent the origin story which is all underground. The roots are the drive behind my perspective, attitudes, emotions and behaviors. Equipped with the knowledge, I can change my attitude, my heart, and thoughts. God said “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 Our Father also instructed “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2 I am committed to walking in DIVINE HEALTH and being all GOD created me to be. DAY ONE August 31, 2022 A Brainiac Heart

Neuroplasticity is the medical term that describes the process of brain change. For better or for worse – our mindful thoughts are wed to our brain. Like a marriage covenant, they work to sharpen us. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 — God tells us that it takes two and as we have come to KNOW – the Brain is physical and it is married to the Mind thoughtful. One does NOT get refined, or better without the other being trimmed. The MIND never ceases to think, feel and choose. Within 3 seconds, massive amounts of information comes in and produces thoughts, emotional ties and choices that shape our thought tree, our perceptions. Thoughts stream in — even when we are a silent observer. These streaming thoughts come up from our roots and embolden our current perceptions. New thoughts cause structural growth on the brain tree. They branch out, form new leaves, or emotions which are all fed up through the trunk of our perception base. Is there a stubborn thought that keeps rehearsing in your mind? Uprooting, and tilling the soil allows for NEW brain grooves of growth. Other known science promotes ROUTINE checks, as well as the critical IMPORTANCE placed on our MORNING ROUTINE. Do you scroll through headline news the first thing in the morning? That is the WORST way of starting your day. Instead of a NEGATIVE BLAST of damaging information, CHOOSE wisely to fill your mind with positive affirmations by reading out loud scriptures with your name in them. Give yourself a HIGH FIVE while looking in the mirror and say 54321 “I am excited about what the Holy Spirit is going to reveal to me today!” Begin each day with a deliberate stream of TRUTH. Read your Bible, then click into your Neurocyle APP.

Take an honest inventory of your thought life. Do you hold onto resentments? Do you continually recite all the negative experiences of your life? Dr. Leaf’s book “Who Switched Off my Brain?” is a powerful weapon against self-destruction. Choosing to be dedicated to a 63 day cycle of retraining your brain will be LIFE changing. Dr Leaf leads your to admire their thought trees, examine them, honor all emotions, never discounting any tragedy, then travel deep into stored memory roots, uproot, and replant new LIFE changing thoughts. Participants will uproot buried thoughts of the past that hinder living an abundant life. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have LIFE, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 —Participants are warned on day one to NOT RUSH the process. Give yourself the matched grace of God – Speaking the WORD EXCITEMENT adds the chemical flow of adrenaline, say “I am excited to uncover what is holding me back from my full potential!” WHAT IS THOUGHT? By participating we will certainly NOT perish for lack of knowledge about the brain! STEP ONE 1) GATHER AWARENESS of your dominate toxic thought. Fear, Envy, Anxiety, Anger, Unworthy, Stuck. 2) REFLECT and ANALYZE. Examine current behaviors: Tantrums, Mood Swings, Snappy over any little thing? Do I regularly deny what I am really feeling and just say through a mask “I am fine.” 3) WRITE IN A JOURNAL anything that comes to mind. Pour your brain onto a page and be confident that this process is activating neurotransmitters in your brain – CLARITY will EMERGE as we see a glimpse of the root cause. Maintain great HOPE in your obedience to “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in faith’ test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you?” 2 Corinthians 13:5 — Take His comfort and KNOW that we are never alone. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 We will not discover the mystery today. The unconscious reveals more as we take it one day at a time.

JOURNAL DAILY by using a repetitive pattern that will reveal progress by day 21. ( See hand drawn illustration above ) DRAW A CIRCLE in the middle of the page and write the TOXIC thought inside. Draw 4 lines like spokes in a wheel out from the middle and write the sub-categories BEHAVIORS and EMOTIONS and PERSPECTIVE and ROOT ORIGIN STORY. Daily journaling and writing in our MetaClogs comforts us while we proceed as we can see PROGRESS and that the process is WORKING. Writing our emotions down reduces their intensity. This is a mental autopsy exercise that will prove beneficial. Think of NEUROCYCLE as going to the GYM daily in your home – to exercise your brain. To form a life changing habit can be exhausting, but in 21 days brain muscles will build. We no longer hide or run from toxic emotions or thoughts, we boldly face them. REMEMBER the only way OUT is THROUGH.

The Brain Detox takes 63-days. On day three we learn the DAILY PRACTICE of the 10 SECOND PAUSE: It requires us to stop, think, feel, choose. This brief pause improves our AWARENESS and our ability to SELF REGULATE and CONTROL our EMOTIONS.

  1. Take a deep breath IN for 3 seconds and SAY “THINK and FEEL”
  2. Breath out and elongate the word “CHOOOSE” take about 7 seconds
  3. Choosing His thoughts, His ways over ours is what creates a new groove in our brains and after 63 days of practicing the 10 second pause as we are listening and responding, we DELIGHT in our obedience to EXAMINE our ways and begin to experience NEW LIFE in CHRIST.

The participant with a GOAL of feeling more vibrant, alive and happy will be motivated by their personal reason to begin the cycle. JOURNAL your progress and say out loud 54321 “I’m so EXCITED to see the POSITIVE changes in my mood, mind, and physical body!” Be Who God Created

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice
behind you, saying,
“This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21 

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  Mahatma Gandhi – Do the brain surgery so that you can BE A LIGHT and LIVE ABUNDANTLY! May my personal progress comments give your courage. Be transparent with yourself and seek to clean out the cupboards of your brain.

Romans 8:11 “And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of His Spirit who lives in you.”

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  2. DAY ONE August 31, 2022 TOXIC THOUGHT: Fear – fear of heart attack, fear of eating wrong, fear of damaging my kidneys. ROOT: My son and my mom died of heart attack. I had heart attack 2021 which caused anxiety. I had COVID in 2020 which caused anxiety. EMOTIONS: sick of being sick. PERSPECTIVE: desperate to have the VIBRANT energy I had before grief and sickness spun my thoughts wacky. FUN 5th STEP: ACTIVE REACH a WORD that reminds you of beauty. “FRUIT TREE” My future tree will be dripping with JOY, Kindness, Patience, Self-Controlled thoughts, for all to enjoy. “I’m excited to learn new things that will enable me to live more vibrantly.” Speaking to my symptoms of fear, anxiety, blood pressure, kidneys with authority, adopting new thoughts, trashing old behaviors. My diet changed due to kidneys and I am now redirecting the stress about what to eat and calling it GOOD. NEW THOUGHT: Stress is GOOD – as it moves me to DO WHAT I MUST to MANAGE my THOUGHTS and take action. ALWAYS LEARNING and EVER GRATEFUL.

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  3. DAY TWO – feeling confident on September 1, 2022. Empowered by Christine’s book “Who Stole My Brain” Examination is good, we can SWEEP our BRAINS of anything that no longer SERVES US. We can say NO to the DEVIL and CAST OUT and CUT OFF thought tree branches that I am a VICTIM! I walk in victory and my thought patterns are modifiable right down to the level of genetic expression in your DNA. Gaining insight as I observe myself without judgement. The root of my trauma tree causes me to act defensively, to be sharp in my communications, an automatic defense mechanism that I can change. I no longer need to protect myself, even though during periods of my life, my God given fight or flight response did serve me, like a mental safeguard, but sharp defensive words do NOT help me heal mentally, and they do block me from maturing emotionally. Through this mental autopsy as I become aware of my automatic, habitual defensive mechanisms, I am capturing every thought and holding it up to God, for the Holy Spirit to enable me to change from acting out by demanding attention, getting irritated when things don’t go the way I imagined, pouting, having a childish temper tantrum. QUESTION: Has acting our maybe antagonized or exhausted the support people God placed in my life? Do I need to change my thinking, my behaviors to issue PEACE in my relationships, my environment? Gracefully THINK “I do NOT need to act out anymore because the old self is no longer who I am and I am SAFE NOW. My emotions no longer control me, I CHOOSE to control my emotions by PAUSING, THINKING, FEELING, and CHOOSING LIFE, not destruction.
    I can trick myself and believe that I am acting in a GODLY manner, but I have never tricked GOD, He knows all my thoughts, ways and motives. I was made in His image and therefore, supernaturally enabled to change from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

    1. Be honest with yourself and with God. Remember, Since He knows all things, He won’t be shocked Psalm 51:6

    2. Change will happen in my brain as soon as I participate daily in the process. Within 4 days I will feel the effects of changed thinking; within 21 days I will have built a whole new thought pattern, a new circuit in my brain, and this is MY motivation!

    3. Because it is a process as I renew my mind, I disrupt and break old thinking habits.

    4. The first 4 days will be the most difficult, push through for 63 days, but by 21 days, I will feel empowered

    5. Remain mindful of practicing your new thought pattern. Repeated practice will help you develop a habit of building new and healthy thoughts and memories. 6. Remember the Apostle Paul advocates leaving the past behind (Philippians 3:13). You are not chained to your past or even your present. You can choose to be free from toxic thoughts and memories and step forward into your future —Healthy thought and toxic thought can both be built with mental rehearsal. But we can literally tear toxic strongholds down by choosing to bring the thought into conscious awareness for analysis, and then changing it through repentance and forgiveness (causing protein synthesis) and replacing it with the correct information, using Philippians 4:8 “Think on whatever us lovely, noble, noteworthy,commendable.”

    Our heart is in constant communication with our thoughts. There is no such thing as a harmless thought, so we need to obey Gods command to capture every thought. Taking time to examine to confess hidden patterns of stinking thinking gets us beyond just storing facts or concepts. It is the process that will allow you to confess and get your BRAIN CLOG drained, washed clean, rebooted by truth.

    “Writing down your thoughts is important in the Switch On Your Brain™ process, because the actual process of writing consolidates the memory and adds clarity to what you have been thinking about. It helps you see more clearly the areas that need detoxing, because it literally allows you to look at your brain on paper. Writing helps you see your non-conscious and conscious thoughts in a visual way.” Dr Caroline Leaf

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  5. A BENCHMARK DAY #4 – First three days a bit of apprehension learning how APP works. In day 3 practicing THINK,FEEL,CHOOOSE – awareness deepened. A SELF CARE DAY as I choose to go through DISCOMFORT in order to move into healing. I will take a beautiful walk, lay in the sun, take a long hot shower and get my hair blown dry as a REWARD for my commitment to get better as a child of God. Day 4 more emotional memories POP up from my roots and I face the hard issues of my responsibility within my anxiety, and health. It is like fireballs of energy that have been suppressed are surfacing, all climbing up my tense back, all bursting to be released from my subconscious, into my conscious awareness. This is why Catherine recommends that participants limit their time to 20 minutes each day to detox. A lot of stuff and chemicals are being shuffled around from their old comfortable brain filing drawers into new drawers that my brain will now DRAW out to send to my mind. This will enable me to make healthy choices. CHANGE can only happen as I become willing to be AWARE of a BEHAVIOR that does NOT reflect who I am in Christ. Being AWARE of anger, over silly things or world news can now be DELETED and replaced with a simple “I trust God in all things”. The work that I am doing is starting to change the architecture of my brain. I am pushing these structural changes in my brain — into the direction I consciously CHOOSE. It is like tearing down BROKEN THOUGHTS in order to REBUILD POSITIVE THOUGHTS and place them into a NEW drawer to DRAW from, day to day, moment by moment from now on. Dr Leaf reminds participants on DAY 4 that all brain surgery requires that we get cut up, in order to get fixed up. For years I have CONSCIOUSLY examined my heart and released hurts, resentments, bitterness, anger. Sept 4, 2022 on DAY 4 – I choose to RELAX in the midst of the PROCESS of HEALING my BRAIN and BODY – I realized that my symptoms of elevated BP, the tightness in my chest, neck and right arm are signals that my work is paying off. The Hippo who operates within the unseen, unconscious part of my brain, is having to reroute NEW thoughts into NEW drawers. The EMOTIONS of FEAR and ANXIETY and all those old files based on experiences of my recent past; My son in the morgue with his chest opened after autopsy, all the scary person ambulance rides in the last 2 years, 4 hospital stays and heart surgery are in a MEMORY TREE that attaches fear to each blood pressure spike. FEELING EMPOWERED as I GET TO CHOOSE where my HIPPO stores my new CHOICE to FEEL the POSITIVE EMOTION of JOY and renewed HEALTH as a result of trusting GOD is with me in this process. I am taking control of my emotions and today I will CELEBRATE my immense PROGRESS! The PHYSICAL BEHAVIOR I experienced today was an ELEVATED BP reading that woke me up at 3:30 AM – unlike before, this did not cause me to panic. I breathed deeply into my heart, and tense neck and RELEASED those SYMPTOMS of the stirring of CHANGE. With heightened AWARENESS of my slight discomfort on day 4 – a bold confidence arose in me – with a voice that said “I am with you Barbara, I will never leave you. I am proud of your courageous steps towards UPROOTING fear. “BE ANXIOUS for NOTHING, and TRUST ME.” The Holy Spirit gives me His strength to carry on and drive the demon of fear straight out of me. My anxiety is being dissolved. and I am making PROGRESS in my subconscious MIND. The Liar has been defeated, the cabinet full of lies is being deleted by the HIPPO that sorts all incoming information from Dr. Leaf. As I THINK, FEEL and CHOOSE – I trust this AMAZING process to change my brain and my heart and kidney health. I will take a WALK of victory as my self care today.

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  6. DAY 5 – “Barbara is anxious for nothing. She no longer FEARS bad news as her heart is steadfast, her brain has new messages. My mind is renewed, my heart is well as I trust my Lord Jesus throughout this process! This morning my BP was normal! Thank You Jesus for how You created my brain to work, and for Your precious blood that made it possible for a wretch like me to be saved from herself! I am walking in victory and speaking victory! As I THINK of Who it is that dwells within me, I FEEL the Presence of the Holy Spirit and He calms me so that I can CHOOSE to surrender moment to moment to His thoughts, and His superior ways. As He leads me along with Dr.Leaf, I follow confidently, assured and renewed, safely and securely – I rest knowing that He is enabling me to use my mind of Christ to implement effective methods to choose a healthy mental space. I choose to stand back and observe my THINKING and ACTIONS which diffuses old toxic patterns of thinking about whatever circumstance I face.” AMEN and AMEN – My self-awareness is peaked with cognitive flexibility. Insights are flooding in and His peace replaces that old FIGHT or FLIGHT programming. Creativity and wisdom are flowing as I PAUSE for 10 seconds and employ the MPA Advantage! Hallelujah.

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  7. DAY 6 – Monday September 5, 2022 “Barbara is hearing the Word of God in her heart and mind, she holds fast to the anchor of her soul. Barbara has an honest and good heart, and she bears much fruit with patience in this process.” Reading scripture out loud with my name inserted Luke 8:15 ESV —One day in a quiet, reflective moment, the Lord whispered “This is it Barbara, this work you are now doing is what I’ve called you to do. Persist to uproot false beliefs that I may fully occupy every part of your being. Be faithful right where I have placed you for such a time as this. You are not required by Me to accomplish great things, just LOVE ME above all else. The routine you have established to rise and spend time with Me is preparing you for the assignment I have for you. It is just around the corner, so YES, be excited that I am on your side and that I love you deeply. The lofty, noble, high calling for you Barbara is that you simply keep Me first and foremost in your mind and I will do the rest.” Today i was remembering being His NEW CREATION – and that JOY filled moment of my salvation. On June 19, 1985 in Stockton, California after involuntarily standing up in a filled house of God, Barbara spoke in a heavenly language. Soon afterwards I was ushered up into the Baptismal, submerged as a sinner, raised up as saved, signed into the Book of Life, Sealed by the Holy Spirit, Adopted into the Royal family of God by the King of kings, and fully persuaded by the living Word of God, that I am His, and that He is mine—ETERNALLY! Halleluiah – As I gathered my thoughts today, I felt empowered, deliberately by the Holy Spirit. As I reflected on my salvation package, I celebrated that it included wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and healing by the blood of Jesus. Writing in my MetaClog, THANK YOU JESUS for the blood applied, thank You Jesus for saving my life, and for all that YOU are now doing in my brain, bowels, heart and kidneys. I trust Jesus in this Neurocycle process EMPHATICALLY!


  8. DAY 7 – WEEK ONE – a BENCHMARK DAY! Major changes have occured in my brain. My hope has increased as my anxiety decreased and my BP has remained normal. HEALING does REQUIRE FEELING – and as we CONSCIOUSLY STOP ruminating on the PAST, and CHOOSE to replace our FOCUS on the NOW – I have purposely CHOSEN to THINK: Jesus, FEEL the Presence of the HOLY SPIRIT, and CHOOSE faith in God as I believe He is ever at work in me to change me more and more into His image. With a new morning routine in place, I go directly to the mirror and give myself a HIGH FIVE and say 54321 “I am excited to learn new things today and see where the Holy Spirit will lead me!” A fresh happy MEMORY from God popped up. My Father allowed me to hear my son’s voice right after I got the phone call that he had died. CLEARLY I heard Jason say “Don’t worry MOMMA, It is all good, I am walking with JESUS.” – that was the encouragement I needed to book a flight and go identify his body and attend his CELEBRATION of LIFE. MY PERCEPTION TODAY ” I know with certainty, with FOCUSED CLARITY that my God is faithful. He never departs from me. My gift of FAITH is the confidence that Barbara hoped and longed for. My faith in God gives me the assurance I need in those things that I cannot see. Gathering my thoughts, reflecting and writing in my MetaClog, breathing, thinking, feeling and choosing gives me RENEWED FOCUS on my first LOVE – JESUS. I am expecting a day of JOY that will be filled with opportunities to exercise the power within to choose healthy patterns of thought and behavior. I am experiencing great satisfaction on day 7. I feel empowered and extremely excited. New buds are definitely growing on my thought tree. I learned that 90% of my non-conscious mind is experiencing change even though I might not FEEL 90% better. Much like the song “WAYMAKER” My God is always at work, even though I cannot feel Him, or see Him. AMEN. My feeling will continue to fluctuate – HOWEVER, I now have the TOOLS to return to a state of mind of peace and power by choosing to be anxious for NOTHING! My brain is healing because I am feeding it a new narrative! My god is faithful – and if the scale does not move, I THINK, FEEL and CHOOSE His grace moment to moment and issue myself the same grace.

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  9. DAY 8 – EMPOWERED by the THOUGHT that when challenges and bad days arrive, I will now see them as opportunities to SHIFT my thinking and move forward without anxiety. The truth is that Barbara has VETO power! When an old thought arises – I have the power to VETO that pathway, and choose to PUSH through and THINK, FEEL and CHOOSE a new thought, a better action! Today my EMOTIONS are joyful confidence, a certain satisfaction, and RELIEF from struggle, and PEACE knowing that God is always at work, that the Holy Spirit abides in me and assists me by delivering NEW thoughts, ASSURANCE and HOPE that my thoughts are being directed in His direction. I am excited to see daily progress and my resilience has been fortified as I have actually BOUNCED BACK from disappointments. My expectation to fully surrender all that I am, all my thoughts is coming as memories are stirred up. The 5 daily steps of GATHERING, REFLECTING, WRITING, RECHECKING and Setting my a MINDful action is liberating me from that sinking dread of “oh no” —- I am feeling empowered and inspired to continue the course and walk in victory over fear and anxiety based on a BP bump, or a newsflash about what foods I can no longer consume. Clinical trials of participants using the Neurocycle APP prove that DEPRESSION, and ANXIETY improved over a 63 day application of these methods by 81%. This is actually improving my mental and physical health. I have GOT this DAY to Be my BEST — and I am motivated to take walks and PAUSE and THINK, FEEL, and CHOOSE. AMEN

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  14. DAY 10 resulted in a BLOG post entitled “A WHIMSY TOUR”. Healthy responses to adverse events can be sadness, anger, frustration. Do not get trapped in TOXIC positivity – as that is to lie to oneself and God and our brains know when we are attempting to DENY reality. Do not be shallow, but dig deep to purposefully stir up memories that are painful. Our physical health cannot improve without honesty. Our pain is a SIGNAL to dig deeper so that we can uproot the core cause of any STUCKNESS in sadness. We look, we find, and we acknowledge. Our mind is like a garden of thoughts, and we assist the beauty of life by trimming thoughts for new growth to bud. MEDITATE on the MOMENTUM you have by reflecting on the PURPOSE of the depression — it is our body crying for help for us to release it to GOD. QUESTIONS for today. Imagine you are on your death bed — What would you have done more of? Less of? Then see your loved ones looking upon you and appreciate their compassion and patience as you recite out loud “God and I together have GOT this!”. Allow the picture of your thought tree to flourish as you trim back some dead branches. Let the leaves of anxiety fall. What is your mind pushing into your awareness? Toxic Positivity? —now say outloud “It is OKAY to feel sad, upset or frustrated — but one event in life, is not who I am. “I am who I am because the IAM Himself, told me who I am!” Who does God say you are? He says you are healed by His stripes, that you are His, that you are special in His eyes, and He encourages us to lean on Him for our understanding —- and trust the process.


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